The Hitmate Weapon and Wire Test Meter

This instrument provides a simple, accurate way to measure the properties of electric Épée, foil and the wiring associated with electric scoring systems.

FIE rules require that contact resistance does not exceed 2 ohms in electric weapons, and that the resistance of spools wires is no greater than 3 ohms. Simple test boxes only indicate open/closed circuits using a LED or buzzer, and measurement to this accuracy is beyond the range of most multi-meters.

The Hitmate Test Meter measures resistance with a precision to a tenth of an ohm, and quickly establishes whether weapons and equipment are up to competition standard.

The Test Meter has a standard 3-pin socket, which accepts a body wire or floor wire. If connections are intermittent, the Test Meter gives an audible warning. A rubber cover is available to protect the meter from falls and knocks.

We offer a certificated re-calibration service to ensure your instrument is consistently accurate.

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