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Wireless scoring systems

Fencing without wires, any wires

CWE - Wireless scoring system

Completely Wireless Epee.

Go one stage further and ditch the body wire. Enjoy the great freedom of wireless fencing using the latest wireless scoring system from Hitmate.


Simplest system on the market

Only two Plugins required to start fencing.

Plugin inserts directly into the sword

Traditional body wires are no longer needed.

True plug and play

No setup or calibration required.

Traditional display unit not required

Each Plugin contains a red LED, green LED and buzzer.

Full FIE timing

Meets all the FIE requirements for Epee. 

Tough Polycarbonate case

Withstands multiple direct hits.

Epee only

Foil and Sabre units to follow.

Hit result displayed on each Plugin

The Plugins communicate with each other to decide on the result. 

Advanced software

Provides high levels of accuracy, differentiating between body, guard and metal piste hits even at high levels of sweat.

Long battery life

Up to 4 hours or more than 800 hits on a single charge.

Optional Repeater unit

Floor standing or handheld for referees.

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