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Wireless scoring systems including Hitmate Completely Wireless Epee, require a well maintained epee to achieve maximum performance.


Hitmate has developed this Advanced Epee Analyser (Analyser) to help identify the majority of epee faults that can effect the performance of wired and wireless scoring systems.


The Analyser checks the health of the epee by automatically measuring the resistance between the three pins and tip looking for valid and invalid values, when the tip is pressed or not.


Red and green LEDs indicate the status of each epee pin in relation to the other pins.


For a full list of the tests performed, refer to the AEA User Guide on the downloads page.


The Analyser operates for approximately 100 hours from two AAA batteries and automatically switches off after 10 minutes.

Advanced Epee Analyser

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Set


    Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 35mm



    Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25mm

    Battery: Two AAA alkaline


    Length: 0.5m

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