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This is the first wireless scoring system on the market that plugs directly into the epee and has advanced software that can differentiate between body, guard and metal piste hits, without the need for calibration, giving a very high level of accuracy even under high levels of sweat. Why not ditch the body wire and go completely wireless?


This set comprises two Plugin units, a Repeater unit and a handy storage case. Although the Plugin is slightly larger than a standard epee body wire connector, there is still plenty of space for your hand to move.


The Plugin contains a high brightness red and green LED, along with a high volume buzzer.


The Plugins communicate with each other to determine the hit and the results are then displayed on both Plugins at the same time. 


The Plugin meets all the FIE timing requirements.


The Plugin enclosure is made from CNC machined polycarbonate, which makes them very robust and able to withstand continuous direct hits.


The Plugin will run for up to 4 hours or more than 800 hits on a single charge and fully recharges in 2 hours using a standard USB-C charger (not supplied).


The Plugin has a test/coaching mode, which allows for rapid repetition of hits to help locate epee problems and for coaching.


The Plugin has a timeout mode to prevent fencers leaving the venue with the Plugin still inserted into their epee.


The Plugins are shipped as a pair, but can be paired with any other Plugin or Repeater.


The Repeater displays the same result as the Plugins and can be hand held or kept in the storage box and placed on the floor/chair.


The Repeater has two brightness/volume settings and has a large viewing angle.


There is no limit to the number of Repeaters than can be paired to the two Plugins, so you could have a configuration comprising a Repeater at each end of the piste and one in the center.


The Repeater will run for up to 20 hours and fully recharges in 4 hours using a standard USB-C charger (not supplied).


For a full list of features and operating instructions please refer to the CWE User Guide, which can be found on the Downloads page. The CWE User Guide also contains a troubleshooting section to help you get the best performance from the system.


Quickstart instructions are available on the reverse of the transparent storage case and on the Downloads page.

Completely Wireless Epee Set - 3

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  • Set

    Weight: 460g

    Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 35mm


    Weight: 43g

    Dimensions: 45 x 55 x 14mm (excluding pins)

    Charging: USB-C  (cable not included)


    Weight: 114g

    Dimensions: 116 x 78 x 23mm

    Charging: USB-C  (cable not included)

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